1959 Albatross 2 seat No 587

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1959 Albatross 2 seat No 587

Postby VivaSportiva » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:44 pm

A friend of mine has decided to sell his 1959 Albatross 2 seat number 587 which he has owned more or less from new. The boat is currently stripped down to a bare shell which is currently upside down in his garden.The hull is in very good condition and is virtually dent free also the rivets are in excellent condition and in my opinion will not require any attention. The hull of course is dirty (but not corroded) since it has been standing in the open.The engine which is a 100e complete with its Aquaplane manifold has been rebuilt and all the bills are there to prove this fact although it will need some cosmetic attention before it is returned to the boat.All the parts are there to rebuild this boat and the components are once again in excellent condition and it will make a very nice boat when completed.There is a stainless exhaust system and the original Frog navigation lamp together with the flag mast. Unfortunately the original trailer has rotted away but the owner does have a newish axle and mudguards which could form the beginnings of a new trailer for the boat, but it will require a Trailer to tow it away with. The owner is asking £1500 for the complete package and if you would like details then please contact me with a PM. The owner is not interested in selling off any of the parts it is all or nothing.
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