Broom Rapier Mk. 2

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Re: Broom Rapier Mk. 2

Postby Rapier » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:24 pm

I use Korapur Marine (bought from Aquafax) - at least I think is this tube...pic taken in Mar 2006 and I've heard nothing untoward from the next owners who sold it on 2 years ago. Varnish was / is always Epifanes clear, after a disastrous effort in 2005 with Ultravar 2000 PU varnish - it had a hard finish and during the winter damp got in under the edge of the deck and I had to redo that summer. It was a real pain to get off and in places lifted the grain... You need Epifanes as it has enough tung oil to soak in and keep the damp out of the ply - I can't remeber if I used Owatrol mixed to help the flow when brushing / tipping off though..which is what I do now. Recently tried International Classic on the PM's seats and found you can't build up coats quickly enough (there was a suspicious wiff of uncured varnish around us on the Thames run...).
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Re: Broom Rapier Mk. 2

Postby Woodwych » Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:13 am

More progress. The new sapele has been fitted to the frame under the seat where there was evidence of old woodworm.Again another plug for Robbins Timber who cut it 19mm thick rather than all the current stock of 18mm. It makes all the difference -at least to me!
The damaged bow has been repaired and the 12inch deep clamp arrived from Florida ( to join a small selection of tools that I have that will probably only be used once) and worked a treat to bond and straighten the transom.
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Bow handle acting as template as epoxy sets
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