Glastron SSV-153 project

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Re: Glastron SSV-153 project

Postby De Novo » Wed May 02, 2018 10:02 pm

I let the boat dry out for 3 weeks. Then the exciting/expensive bit, a visit to the GRP suppliers. A bootfull of stuff from there and a top notch twin cartridge mask from Trago's (local shop) and things start to go back in.
First piece of ply was the strip in the bottom of the hull, I coated the hull underneath it with white topcoat/flowcoat. The stringers are in place and have been final fitted, I will cut down the old GRP which held them in place whilst I got the heights right, and replace with new to obtain a good bond to the hull.

A strange thing happened to the transom, the GRP developed a curve. Next restoration I will keep it clamped flat with some ply.

Stringers in place and a good thick layer of topcoat.
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Re: Glastron SSV-153 project

Postby De Novo » Wed May 09, 2018 12:32 am

I put the plywood transom back in three layers. As the outer GRP hull had warped, I used a piece of 25mm marine ply, bonding it to the hull with polyester paste using every clamp and spreader I have and a few wedges, with a temporary piece of 40mm old worktop on the outside to make sure it was all nicely flat. Left this dry for 48hrs. Then a layer of chopped strand mat which also bonded the thinner layer of ply needed to make up the desired transom thickness.

I replaced the topside moulding onto the hull to ensure it was back into a good shape. The main and rear plywood floor pieces were laid in and chamfered to fit the hull. They were bonded to the stringers and hull with Sika and then a strip of GRP woven tape to hold them until I have put the full GRP layer on top. I replaced the forward section (which never gets any weight on it) with honeycomb plastic covered top and bottom with GRP. All ply was Marine and covered with resin.
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Re: Glastron SSV-153 project

Postby De Novo » Wed May 09, 2018 1:01 am

The topside moulding had to be removed again so I could get to the transom to replace the two supports. These have also been made out of 20mm plastic honeycomb which will be covered in two layers of 450g CSM.
Here they are just taped in place. The boat now felt super rigid. I feel I could put a 300hp Verado on that transom now!

The aft floor piece had a ply filet glued and screwed into place to join the main floor section. I could now hold a dance on that floor!

This first spell of replacing things has been very rewarding. I wonder when it all starts going wrong?

I am always inspired by the great Richard Stilgoe's motto for his D.I.Y. TV show : 'Please remember - the Titanic was built by professionals - Noah was an amateur ...'
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