Cambridgeshire multi speed river boating...

Know of any good venues for running our boats? Please share them here and give as many details as possible - launch arrangements/costs/restrictions etc.
Please use the location Name and County as the title of the post - thank you.

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Cambridgeshire multi speed river boating...

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Hi all - doesn't look like much has been added for a while here but thought I would point out a decent boating place where I am on the river. My boat is based in a little village called Earith and it sits on the Ouse. Now it's basically at a 3 way junction, you have the 4mph old Bedford river with only one lock to the historical town of Ely. Around halfway down speed increases to 7mph just after the pub - it's about a 15 mile one way trip...
You have the 7mph great Ouse which immediately heads to st ives again passing some great pubs and then ventures all the way past Bedford... realistiacally this is very lock heavy and you could probably do huntingdon and back in a day.

Then you have he fun bit - the New Bedford Rover or the 100ft drain which is a 15mph straight section of river which eventually turns to an estuary at Denver sluice and can run out to sea - I have run about 10 miles up here nicely on the plane and I have never seen anyone, within this 10 miles there's also one great eating pub and one great drinking pub... past this as I say goes to the sluice but during summer months is only 2ft6deep so you need a shallow hull.

Would love for some people to meet up and explore it's a great area - and some recovery buddies if you fancied the drain bit scared of going too far on my own without any form of recovery. Best time is spring just before summer the water is at least a metre higher giving you a nice 5ft clearance.

Anyway I'm rambling - if you've got a good all rounder like me this is a great area to explore :-)

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