2021 Events

Detailed contact information and arrangements for these events will be available to CMBA Members only in the CMBA Clubhouse section.

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2021 Events

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I will start by wishing All a Happy New Year, in the real hope that in the face of news that changes daily we are heading for a better year for all of us and if possible get some boating done as well. As Events Co-ordinator I have not yet contacted any of the usual Event Organisers as I believe we are all quite reasonably concentrating on more important personal matters at this time. Also any host locations will not know what position they will be in as things progress.
We have placed a 'would'nt it be nice if' list of events in the first magazine of the year but there are NO DATES yet and I deliberately left out the Organisers contact details as I have not approached them yet to see if they are willing and able to organise events this year.
The more astute of you (well one Welsh Wizard did) may have noticed that the Events section of the new web site has dates shown againnst the Events for 2021. This is because the computer insists on having a detailed date populating that particular field. If you go further into the Events it also show that this is all subject to Covid and thete are actually no dates fixed yet so please don't book your holidays around these dates.
AS SOON AS WE CAN we will look to approach our Organisers and see what sort of a year we can provide. There are so many variables at present I don't want to make guesses but just say Please all stay safe and hope to see you later this year.
Best Wishes Kgarla :wot: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: ... Sorry, new hobby, :drink: :drink: :drink: :grrr:

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