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CMBA new members - paying by PayPal

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:17 pm
by Alacrity
To avoid confusion please would anyone joining the CMBA & paying by PayPal please make sure a) your postal address is shown correctly on the PayPal account & b) if the account is in a different name (i.e.wife or girlfriend/boyfriend) that you let us know YOUR name by clicking the 'add' button next to the 'Add special instructions to the seller' line & leave a message with your name (& address if applicable). Again the same applies to an email address - if it isn't the same as the PayPal account we will need it in the message box please.

If you are reading this & now realise you may have inadvertently given the membership secretary incorrect information via PayPal please contact him to get it amended.

Many thanks.