Ford Consul / Zephyr parts

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Ford Consul / Zephyr parts

Post by Mike.Jones »

Hi folks, my first venture into your forum. I am running a Consul engine in a classic wooden powerboat with an old Enfield outdrive that my father built back in the 60’s. We rebuilt it shortly before he died around 2000 and I am now embarking on my first major engine rebuild solo without his help....
I need to source some new main shells, big ends and piston rings and having a bit of a struggle. Nick at Newfordsonline has the mains and big ends but not the +30 rings I need. The guy at Goldendays was very helpful but is no longer replying, hope he is ok, any other suggestions please?
Also have an option on a 211e head with the bigger valves, as opposed to the 204e I am currently running, does anybody know is this is a straight swap or are there any other issues?
Any help and advice much appreciated, it all started with a burnt out valve 2 weeks and seems to have escalated to a full rebuild in the middle of the summer which is not what I had planned!
Many thanks,
Offending valve
Offending valve
Back soon hopefully!
Back soon hopefully!

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Re: Ford Consul / Zephyr parts

Post by Diomedea »

Have you thought of having the valve seats cut and new, hard inserts fitted?
Might make one less task.

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